Booting application causes bluescreen

• Sep 30, 2013 - 00:03
Reported version
S2 - Critical

I know im not the only person suffering this glitch but I dont know a foolproof way to reproduce it.
When I open musescore it begins to open but crashes before the main window pops up. It says Windows has been shut down to prevent damage. In running on a Toshiba satellite with i7 and 8 G of ram. It's windows 7


Can you try to run MuseScore from the command line with the -s option? it will start MuseScore without sound engine, and so we can ruled this out of the equation.

Can you check if you have any known incompatibilities ? Are you able to play a movie or do something CPU intensive?

BSOD are often not caused by software but hardware failure. Launching MuseScore is probably interacting with a failing hardware... you might want to do a memory test.

I tried again and I've noticed it only crashes if I have my logitech gaming keyboard(with microsoft mouse and beats solo headphones) plugged in. Every time i've accidently opened it at school, or opened it before I plug my keyboard in, its worked fine. :/

Title Booting Musescore causes Computer to bluescreen Booting application causes bluescreen

Hi Blobfish,

Do you know if this is still a problem? Can you try in the latest development code?