Given headphones fuzz after score gets to a certain point

• Jul 8, 2017 - 23:50

My score plays back perfectly fine until it reaches a certain measure, after which my headphones immediately start cracking up and I have to take them off to avoid hurting myself. It always happens at the same measure, although nothing about that measure seems to be problem causing.

I know it isn't my headphones because I use them for everything, and software other than Musescore. Also, it only does when I reach a certain measure in a certain score.

Earlier in the week the file got corrupted due to Musescore crashing, but the headphone fuzz problem didn't start until today. (the crashing was my bad, not an issue)

I'm using 2.0.2, which I am aware isn't the most recent version. If I update it, will my score and hard work be maintained? Would it solve the problem?

I apologize if the solution is obvious/right in front of me.

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It's difficult to say if upgrading to 2.1 or 2.0.3 will help with the problem without the score. 2.1 has several sound problems reported that may include a fix to your problem or possibly make it worse.

What head phones and operating system are you using? Also which measure has the problem.

edit: I see the score is now attached.

When I take your score, it's run correctly for 6-8 measures, after, suddenly, no more sound at all. If i come back to the beginning, no more sound, any note gives a sound with my mouse. If I enter, then, one of my scores, NO sound at all.

I take once more your score ,so, I have 2 , No sound.

I close MuseScore, I re-open it, I take my score (the same) all it's OK, I take your score, it plays 6-8 measures and sound.

For me and at this time ......Mystery !!!

I make separate parts with the 11 staves of your score, before listening the score, all parts work correctly .But if i come back to the whole score and play it, 6 measures good and at the first note of measure 7, STOP, no more sound, and if i go to the separate parts, no more sound.......

Too morrow perhaps, good night !!

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Your score repaired: Lightning2.mscz

I change the sound in Synth Bass 4 staff (for Picked bass) to bypass this known issue: #197131: Regression: Bass synthesizer and bass guitar create popping sounds

I isolated too and solved the other main problem which leads to cracks and no more sound (or rather strident whistling) in staff 5/Polysynth. and located in first measures with ties (whole notes)
After removal of these ties, and after enter again same ties, it works (no say why right now)
I am trying to reproduce.

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So, I downloaded the fixed file and did what I wanted with it. Would you be fine if I uploaded this file? All of my other 4 files of this song are corrupted and won't post... (yes I went through four files trying to fix it. the one I attached was the first, but the other ones have the same issue, which is now resolved).

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