No 30 day trial?

• Jul 9, 2017 - 06:25

Just recently, I've wanted to upload a few scores of mine in the hopes of them getting added to musescore. Unfortunately, I've already uploaded 5 scores, and I have no desire to delete any to make room. But, when I go to try the 30 day trail for a pro account and click the button that says "Try 30 days for free" it simply opens up a small box to input credit card info for a paid-for account, which is not what I want.

Is the free trial not available after your account has existed for so long, does your account automatically start with the free trial, or is it just a bug I'm experiencing?


Once you entered your credit card info, you will be on a trial for 30 days, meaning your card will only be debited after 30 days if you don't cancel. Of course, you can only get one free trial.

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Would you mind explaining why?

Also, just wondering if you are a MuseScore staff...

Anyway, update on my previous post (strangely I cannot edit that last post now):

(March 2020)
I've been met with the same issue for the 30-day trial, getting charged on my credit card charged in advance.
Have reached out to Muse Score and they have offered to refund 30%, claiming I had signed up without trial (which was why I had reached out to clarify).

Have written back to make it crystal clear I had signed up via the 30-day trial page, let's see what they say.

Will update on what happens, but it has been quite worrying.

Be careful, friends!

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