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• Jul 12, 2017 - 22:37

I have a question regarding text size. When I want to write "rit.", "a tempo," etc., I use the shortcut "control+shift+t" and I just write in. I guess you would call that "system text." I have an arrangement for piano and cello, and on the full score with both instruments shown, I made the cello part a small staff. Now all the text I have written using the shortcut is small too. I don't want that to be small, is there any way I can make it regular size while still having the cello part to be small staff?


Jonathan L. Wrachford


I'm not exactly sure on your situation, but I believe you can change the font size. Right click the text, and next to the font on the bottom bar that shows up should be a number. You can edit that.

This happens when it is the top staff you make small, even if system text should apply to the whole system, its sizes follows the settings of the top staff, not sure whether this is really intended, it sure would for staff text though.

There is a work around for this that promulgates to the parts.

You can

Make all of the small text invisible if it affects playback (like tempo) and delete it at the end of this if it does not affect playback (like rit.)
Enter staff text on the piano line
Change the text style in the inspector to the type of text desired.
change the Vertical Offset to put them above the cello part (-10 seemed to work for me)

The parts will show all of the staff text when you extract them.

Note: Changing the text style to Tempo does not allow you to change the tempo, therefore you must enter a true tempo text to affect playback.

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