Support 6/9 and other chord symbols with embedded slashes

• Oct 31, 2013 - 20:05
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Currently (1.3 and 2.0), slash characters can only be used to separate the main chord symbol from a bass note. But some chords are commonly written with slashes *within* the main chord symbol. Case in point: C6/9, which many people write instead of C69 or C(6,9).

We can handle this with a very small change to the parser. Right now, the slash is detected very early in Harmony::parseHarmony(), and the chord split in two. We could change this to only reject the split if the portion after the slash does not resolve toa tpc. Or even not splitting if the first character after the slash is a digit. Then the main body of the parser would simply add slash to the list of acceptable separator characters, treating it just like comma. We should also add a rendering rule for 6/9 (at least for the jazz style) to get an appropriate layout, just as we do if you spell if without the slash (69).


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For me i still have some trouble with the 6/9 chords.
They are not rendered correctly. See the screenshot for details.
Would be nice if the 6/9 is useable in minor as well and of course with extensions like #11...
6/9 workout image

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Good point. I solved the problem by special casing the specific chord symbol, but it won't for variations. Short term solution would be to add more special cases. Better would be to be smarter about it at the parser level.

Can you maybe post your special casing workaround? :)
Then I guess the minor chords will work right?
Thx in advance!

See the chords_jazz.xml file in the Styles folder under the main installation folder. This contains the instructions on how to render chord symbols. You can create your own custom version of this file and load it via Stye / General / Chord Symbols

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I played around with the chords_jazz.xml in MuseScore 3, but didn't get the expected results. Maybe someone can make this possible?! The minor6/9 chord is really basic and should be supported out of the box ;)

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