Transposing to alto clef

• Jul 18, 2017 - 19:06

I have searched to manual for help in writing for viola. If I write the viola part in the treble clef, is there an automatic way to convert the system to the alto clef? Or, must I use the transpose menu to raise the clef by 11 steps and then drag in the alto clef symbol?


To be clear: this isn't transposing at all, the transpose menu should definitely not be involved in any way. Transposing involves changing the pitch. You want to *keep* the pitch, just change the clef. So indeed, just change the clef and the notes automatically adjust so that the pitch stays the same.

Until I got used to the alto clef, I used the 8vb treble clef (the one with an 8 under it in the advanced palette) to write my viola music. When all of my music was written I replaced the treble with the alto clef and all the notes automatically moved down 1 spot on the clef.

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