Crash when copy some measures

• Nov 7, 2013 - 15:29

I have this
and i copy the selected.

I select the measure to start the copy

and when I press the copy button (ctrl + v , right click-> paste)

it gives me that error

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Neihter 1.3 nor a recent nightly build crashes whjen copy&paste some measure with a measure repeat sign in them.
Can you
a) tell us which version of MuseScore and what OS you are using
If 1.x, please try to reproduce ion a currently nightly build
b) attach the score that is causing the problem
c) attach the images directly here rather than via an external hoster, so they stay for later reference

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You can get the nightly builds from This is the development snapshot of what will become version 2.0. 1.x won't receive further fixes.
(the "ion" was of course a typo for "on")

I can confirm the crash on 1.3, Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit
It does not crash with b26472e, the currently 2nd newest nightly build for Windows, so I guess we can consider this bug fixed :-)

Possible fixed together with #19897: Crash when deleting a measure containing a measure-repeat sign, which got triggered by #19880: Musescore crahses after pasting multiple bars with Barrepeatsign in it

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