Piano Pedal

• Nov 20, 2013 - 19:46

Yeah, I don't compose for piano often since I don't play and I and composing a pice upon request now. How do I enter pedalling and have the playback work (if possible)?


The pedal symbol is found in the Lines palette- it's the one with the abbreviation "Ped" in script. See Line in the Handbook for info on how to use these (in particular, use the keyboard rather than mouse to control the length of the line).

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That is already available as one of the standard options (wasn't four years ago, but has been for at least a year). Assuming you are in the Advanced as opposed to Basic workspace (see control at bottom of Palettes window), then the "Ped" and "*" marking is the second entry in the pedal section of the Lines palette. No need to manually change anything.

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I'm not a pianist and I'm not refering to the symbols, themselves. Well, kind of. The specific symbol that is in the pallette I have never seen before. Which is why I didn't know which one was the pedal tool.
I'm a music student and I'm only just learning the piano so I am not familiar with every symbol.

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