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• Sep 8, 2017 - 18:06
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As screen capture, my monitor is Samsung 4K U28E850R, connected to surface pro 4 via Microsoft display dock, this happens often.
If I restart windows 10, it may back to normal.

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In theory it is supposed to work to create and save a palette while using one monitor and have it still work when using a different one. Unfortunately we don't always get good information from the system about monitor resolution so sometimes things can be off. Did you notice anything else not look right - score or toolbar icons displaying too big or too small, etc?

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Yes, I have two monitors, musescore sees me switch between them often, and they have different resolutions. About one month ago I added a new palette, named “advanced+”, dragged two symbols from “z” to it. It did not cause any problem at that time, and then two days ago, display went wrong, thanks to JoJo gave me a clue to trace it out this time. Last time I just reinstalled the program.
Scores never had problem, when monitors are switched, only buttons/menu texts on top sometimes go bigger or smaller, but still working ok, looking not too bad. I always like to restart surface to get them right, but this time restart did not help.
Now I just added “Ped *” to custom palette, it works fine. you can see from capture the 4K display of the program, nice.
Additional issue for this version: 2.1.0, happened after updating: On surface tablet, in pc mode, when I finger touch an item on palette, it does not show on the score, until, I touch the musescore icon on windows taskbar twice. i.e. mini and restore. This is a major issue, should I file in a separate bug report?

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It’s ok here reopen, I have already experienced four times now: the symbols inside palettes grid were getting bigger and bigger everyday, and then eventually they were out as capture posted above. Dele workspace always reset it back to normal, which sadly means I could not keep my customised palette.