Compact Notes option?

• Nov 21, 2013 - 00:35

It would be useful to ignore certain notes in the calculation of spacing. Why?
Suppose you have a section of music, and you want to put 128th notes throughout that section. (Why? I don't know.) Congratulations, you now have notes spilling out of the page. But if you use this setting on the 128th note part, then it will be squeezed together and the spacing will be the same as before adding the 128ths.


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The stretch commands definitely work in general. But they work in small increments. Sometimes you might need to reduce stretch several notches to get things as tight as you want. Also, if you're talking measures that take up a whole line by themsleves, reducing stretch won't appear to take effect until you've reduced by enough that another measure xan fit on the line as well, be ause the stretch is being undone by the right justification. But if the measures you select don't already take up the whole line, then the unselected measures will expand as you shrink the selected ones.

Posting the score you are having trouble with could help. Then it would be more clear to us what you are trying to do and what you might need to do to achieve it.

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