Copy selection or voice??

• Nov 21, 2013 - 23:33

Hi there,

I am having trouble copying and pasting, yeah it sounds stupid I know, should be simple.

Often I find myself wanting to copy and paste one voice into another measure which has existing notes but I end up entering the notes manually wasting lots of time because it will not let me simply copy and paste a selection or voice.

I attached a jpg in case you do not understand, my question is, can musescore 1.2 do this? Am I just missing something silly here? Is it that musescores copy and paste offers only limited functionality?

Cheers, Jake

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You can select just the contents of one voice - right click menu gives you a Select menu with various options for controlling the selection. Also you can play with edit / voices to exchange voices. I find it easiest to always work with voice 1 only, moving things into and out of it as necessary.

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