Chord symbols; a shortcut key

• Nov 25, 2013 - 19:31

A shortcut key for the following chords:

using the Style/General/Chordnames:
cchords_sym.xml style.

1. half diminished chord (eg. C-7b5)

The symbol is there; it is a circle with a slash through it.

Perhaps a good hotkey would be the number '0' above the letter 'O'.
It has a ) above it, which would be a reminder for the slash.
Or perhaps the 'h' key for half-diminished?

2. major 7th (Maj7)

The symbol is there; the triangle
Perhaps a hotkey such as '^' or 'j' ?


Already done :-). In the nightly builds, there is no more need for those different chord description files. Style/General/Chord Symbols is now mostly just to let you switch between standard and jazz rendering in terms of fonts and formatting, but either way, you can spell chords however you like (as long as it's basically understandable). And indeed, "0" works as the abbreviation for the half-diminished symbol. Since you're the second person to mention the possibility of "h", I may add that. The abbreviation for triangle is "^" or "t".

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Thanks Marc that's great news!
It will be really helpful to me for all of my jazz score notation.

I tried it out just now and it works very nicely.
I will be reaching for the 't' to get the triangle instead of the '^' simply because it's easier (one keystroke instead of two). :)

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The latest official MuseScorew is still 1.3. The new "0" functionality is part of 2.0, which is still in the experimental prerelease stage. If you download one of these experimental prereleases (eg, a beta or nightly build), then "0" will work, but not if you continue to use the odl-style XML files. Those are now deprecated and provided only for the benefit of older scores that use them. New scores should no longer use these custom XML files, but instead use the new "Jazz" radio button.

If you are using 1.3, then the optional cchords_muse.xml style (it is not the default except for the jazz templates) does not use the halfdiminished symbol; it uses the standard Brandt-Roemer "mi7b5". If you wish to use the half-diminished symbol in 1.3, you need to switch to the cchords_sym style (which also uses triangles and minus signs). But again, in 2.0, none of this will be necessary - it is what-you-type-is-what-you-get, with "0" used for half-diminished and "t" or carat ("^") for the triangle.

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