Style files are outdated

• Nov 27, 2013 - 16:39
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I created a blank project and want to apply a different bundled style. The app shows "not compatible" when doing so.

- create a new blank score
- select Style -> Load Style…
- select one of the bundled styles in /Applications/ (e.g., leadsheet.mss)

The app displays an alert "The style file is not compatible with this version of MuseScore" and does not apply the style

The style is applied.

These are the same styles available in the wizard when creating a new score.



These style files are still from the 1.x version and as such not compatible with 2.0.
Creating a score with these styles in 1.3, saving them, opening in a nigthly build and then save their style would be one way to fix it, results attached

Would be rather useful though to have a compatibility mode for .mss files.

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Title Bundled style files cannot be loaded ("not compatible" alert shown) Style files are outdated

Seems the same code that exists for reading and dealing with older scores should be put in place for styles. Although as with templates, we really should create any bundled style files from scratch.

FWIW, the pre-shipped style files are *not* the same as the templates seen at score creation. A template is an MSCZ file, a style file is an MSS file. It does so happen that there are a couple of files with similar names and similar settings, but they definitely aren't the same thing.

There is already an open issue regarding the fact that the templates are outdated: #17386: Templates are outdated. I am renaming this issue for consistency.