moving a note with up/down arrows should prefer to stay in key signature

• Nov 28, 2013 - 17:33
S4 - Minor

Create a new document with key signature of 4 sharps (E major).
Create an E note.
With the E selected, press the down arrow.

expected: E changes to a D sharp

current behavior: E changes to an E flat.

If the target note can be diatonic in the key, it should stay in the key.


In 2.0 there will be an additional mode in menu->notes->transposition..., 'transpose diatonically', which would do what you ask for here. I don't think is a good idea to change the behavior of cursor keys.
Only thing I could imaging to be useful woule be the behavoir you describe when pressing the arrow keys plus some modifier (shift, ctrl, alt). Only these are all occupied for different purposes.
And combinational like ctrl+alt+arrow is a bit much, isn't it?

Diatonic transposition is not relevant to what I'm talking about here.

The arrow keys always transpose by interval, and I'm not suggesting that that should change.

The issue is that sometimes the arrow keys transpose by "augmented unison" and sometimes they transpose by "minor second".

I'm talking about how it decides whether to transpose by "augmented unison" or by "minor second".

If the target note can be diatonic in the key, then it should choose the interval ("augmented unison" or "minor second") that keeps it diatonic.

If the target note is not diatonic, then nothing needs to change - it works fine as it is.