Sustain pedal?

• Dec 1, 2013 - 17:39

I just finished entering "Moonlight Sonata" into Musescore. I didn't have any problems entering all the music (triplets, multiple voices, etc.) and it sounds fine except for the sustain pedal. When I play it on the piano, I use the pedal according to the sheet music. But I can't find any way to add the sustain pedal lines to my score. And even if I could add them, would Musescore simulate a pedal sustain? It just doesn't sound "right" without the pedal. Maybe this will be in the 2.0 release. My only option is to possible add another instrument track and fake it with something.


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Thanks again to all of you! I didn't even recognize that style of pedal line. I normally see only the lines with the release markings. The stylized "Ped" in the script font went right under my radar! I added some lines and it works! Thanks again!

hi bill, how many hours to finish that piece? input from scratch or use omr s/w then done manually? input by pc-keyboard or midi one?

get half done of vitali chaccone, violin solo and piano part.
scanned by sharpeye2, then edit by pc-kb(i got midi kb this week)

this 2 months, i finished 20-30 pieces violin solo pieces(not showoff pieces)
want to input the piano accompanist score also.

my next task would be beethoven spring sonata, since i got a 49key midi controller,
maybe input violin parts first, then piano treble parts, the bass clef part which
start to learn some days ago. violin is my major, piano treble clef could play but very slow.

i dont want omr software anymore, it wouldn't help sight-reading.

also, i bought a ext. monitor that connect to old i5 laptop, dual display, musescore & display pdf side by side.

do you have any hints to input voice 2 and 3 more effective?

thank you really much.

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I don't remember exactly, but no more than two hours, probably less. I was very new at using Musescore then, so I could probably do it faster now. My sheet music was three pages (first movement only).

As for entering the second voice, what I did was enter all of the first voice for each system (three measures), and then I would go back and add voice two afterwards. Then I would go back to voice one and do the next three measures, etc. That way, it was easier to remember where I needed a second voice.

I do not have a keyboard, midi controller, etc. I just used my computer keyboard and number pad to enter the score.

Good luck with your work!

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