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• Dec 10, 2013 - 01:56

Hi - just started new score, and all my jazz-related font and chordname styles have disappeared. How can I find them and restore them. They used to be there...:(..




Hi Steve, welcome.

There is not enough information here for anyone to help. Please read this and then add the required info.

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I'm going to guess you changed the chord name style in a previous score. That's fine, but those settings affect that score only. To affect future scores, save an emoty score as a template (save normally into MuseScore's template folder). Or, simply use the Jazz Lead Sheet template that is already provided with MuseScore. When you create a score, check the "from template" option, then select Jazz Lead Sheet,

For more info on crteating lead sheets, see my two part tutorial:

Part 1:
Part 2:

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Thanks for the suggestion. That certainly works, but my situation is that I'm trying to score a "small big-band" consisting of Alto, Tenor, Bari, 2 trumpets, 1 bone, piano, base, drums, guitar. I created this score from scratch, and the jazz fonts/styles didn't attach, nor did they appear to be available in the Style dialogs. Is there a way attach them de novo without a template? Or, is there a way to delete staves from the full-jazz-band template score? I am working on a Mac.

Thanks again...

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The best template to start with for the type of ensemble you are talking about would have been Jazz Combo. It has trumpet. alto, tenor, trombone, guitar, piano, bass, drums, so all you'd need to do is add a trumpet and bari. Or, Jazz Big Band and delete a binch of staves - deleting staves is done through the Add Instument dialog.

But assuming you've already done a bunch of work on this score and don't want to start over, there are two things you need to do. First, you need to set all your text styles to MuseJazz, then you need to change your chord symbol style to one of the jazz style- cchords_muse, cchords_rb, cchords_sym, etc (see [[nodetitle:Chordname]] in the handbook). The easiest way to do both of these steps at once is Style / Load Style and choose MuseJazz as your style (in the "styles" folder under your installation folder. You may also wish to manually bump up the chord symbol size in Style / Edit Text Style / Chordname.

You can also change all your text styles to MuseJazz manually by visiting each tab of the Style / Edit Text Style dialog one by one. Then also going to Style / Edit General Style / Chordnames and changing the over chord style. But laoding the MuseJazz style does all this at once.

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Thanks again.

I have tried to use the Style/Load Style menu, but the MuseJazz style sheet is not available. I am using a Mac, Show Leopard. I know the MuseJazz style sheet is hidden in the MuseScore application container, but MuseScore doesn't seem able to open the app container to find it - the app is grayed out. What would you suggest? Maybe making a copy of the .mss file outside the MuseScore app?


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