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• Aug 1, 2017 - 09:33

I created a startup-wizard for MuseScore as part of my Google Summer of Code project this summer. The wizard is displayed on the first start (or after a factory reset) and prompts the user to answer multiple questions. According to the user’s answers, different settings and functions of MuseScore are tweaked to suit the user’s needs. As of now, the wizard asks the user the following questions:
1. Locale
2. Keyboard Layout (to choose the right set of shortcuts)
3. Choice of Workspace (basic or advanced)

The wizard then makes the necessary changes and configures MuseScore for the user. This is a preview of the startup-wizard:

MuseScore Startup Wizard GIF.gif

You can try the wizard in one of the master nightlies. I would appreciate your input and feedback in the comments below.

I'm also looking for feedback from users who are using non QWERTY keyboard on which default shortcuts don't work. See my previous post


Here with e582ba5, and after a factory reset, the choice of Workspace doesn't work well.
Indeed, by choosing "Advanced" -> Finish, all the palettes of this workspace are shown, but the button (under the palettes) display "Basic" (image below)
To access to the Basic workspace, you have to toggle Advanced -> Basic.

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Won't let you how? Moving your mouse pointer out of the way automatically?

If you mean "my screen can't fit the window", then first try dragging to top of the window down, to make it smaller, then drag the window as a whole back up.
A possible reason for this is that MuseScore isn't getting correct screen resolution information from your OS (which happens a lot if you for example have Scaling enabled in Windows 10). You could try telling MuseScore your DPI explicitly using a command line argument. See for a bit more information on that; you're looking for the "-D dpi" option

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