Double bar added via click barline / double click palette not saved

• Dec 12, 2013 - 18:25
S4 - Minor

Windows 7, GIT commit: b860d40

1) open attached score (just an empty score with a line break after bar 4)
2) click barline at end of bar 4
3) double click double bar in palette
4) save
5) close
6) reopen

Result: double bar is gone

It actually seems this works sometimes but not other times, and I haven't totally figured out the trigger. But the above steps always demonstrate the problem for me.

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barline.mscz 1.41 KB


Examining the file, I see there is no barline element at all at the end of measure 4, and I'm guessing that's the trigger. The question then becomes, how did this happen?

Here are steps to follow to reproduce this from scratch:

1) create new score
2) add break after bar 4
3) add double bar
4) save
5) close
6) reopen
7) delete double bar
8) save
9) close

At that point, the score will have no barline element in bar 4, and it will then become incapable of saving barlines.