Disappearing selection

• Aug 3, 2017 - 22:49

I'm finding (in MuseScore 2.1 for Windows) that the selection, frustratingly, often becomes unselected. I can spend a full minute painstakingly selecting items into my selection (for example, specific chord symbols that all need nudging by the same amount), and then for no reason at all suddenly there is Nothing Selected.

I have also noticed that the "needs saving" flag, by which I mean the asterisk in the document tab for those documents that have been modified since the last save, often comes on spontaneously even if I haven't edited anything. I suspect that these two things always happen together, but I'm having trouble verifying this because the bug only happens unexpectedly and I don't know how to recreate it.



I believe this has to do with autosave, which defaults to every 2 minutes. I think that when the score is autosaved it is marked as dirty and individually selected items are reset. I turn off autosave myself and have developed the habit of saving my score every time I change instruments I am working on.

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Ah, that makes sense. I wonder if "selection vanishes upon autosave" should be considered a bug then. How do I find out if it's already been reported?

Also, marking the score as dirty when it's autosaved is two bugs as well: first of all, it shouldn't be autosaving a clean score, and secondly, if the score was clean before autosave it should still be considered clean after.

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I I would call it a bug, yes. Do you find this happens mostly in Continuous view, I wonder? Auto-save in that mode is a little weird in that we have to temporarily switch to page view in order to generate a thumbnail. It's caused all sorts of problems for us, and I kind of wonder if it's worth it.

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You could monitor the auto-save folder. On Windows, that's AppData/Local/MuseScore2 under your home folder; not sure about other OS's. Make a change to a score to trigger auto-save, then watch that folder to see when it happens (normally within two minutes if a change is pending).

I just tried it, though, and the selection was not lost. Two minutes after my change, the auto-save file was updated as expected, but the selection remained. I tried the experiment both in page and continuous view, also tried with with both range (blue box) and list (Ctrl+click) selections. Couldn't get the selection to disappear. My best guess is on your system there was an accidental click registered - perhaps to a faulty mouse button.

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