I want to hear band arrangement in piano to isolate problems

• Aug 7, 2017 - 16:34

A friend did a marching band arrangement with band instrument sounds for me in Sibelious, sent me the midi files and I translated them into MuseScore. No problem. However, there are some chords that do not sound good and I need to know if it is the sound that is the problem or just wrong note. Is there any way, without changing every single voice, that I can get the score to play back in PIANO sound only without having to change every single voice?



There is no easy way to do this. My first idea was to insert a piano at the top of the score and use Edit->Tools->Implode, but there are probably several rhythms going on at once, but you would lose notes you want to hear.

I would suggest you change every instrument to piano in the mixer, but putting them back to the correct instrument would be far worse than changing every instrument to piano.

The best suggestion I can make is to save as a copy, perhaps called piano version, and change all of the instruments in that version to piano. This would leave your original score as is so you can make corrections. Comparing the two versions would be rather simple since you can use the menu View->Documents stacked and scroll them as needed to compare them.

It might work to go to View / Synthesizer, delete the default soundfont, and replace it with another that has only piano. Depending on how the soundfont is set up, though, I coud imagine that resulting in everything sounding like piano or no sound at all. And finding, downloading, and installing the soundfont would almost certainly take longer than the 30 seconds or so it would take to change the sounds to piano in the Mixer.

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