Shrink score to fit on page?

• Aug 8, 2017 - 05:16

I need to email a PDF of the score of an orchestral composition I am writing to submit it to a competition. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit on a letter-sized page and I assume it will need to be letter-sized in order to be used by the conductor if it is selected to be performed. Is there a way to shrink the score so it fits? (The MuseScore preset "Concert Orchestra" does this perfectly fine, fitting 26 different staves on top of each other on a letter-sized page.)

I appreciate any help.


Layout/Page Settings...->Scaling.>Stave Space (sp) 0950?
Could you attach here your score (Deleting or altered the notes if necessary)?

I very much doubt any conductor will ever direct an orchestra with 26 parts from a printed letter size score, this is way too small to be readable at a good armlenght distance.

But indeed that template you mention does this, and as Shoichi explains at a space setting of 0.95.

Fortunately you can print the PDFs on much larger paper and scale to fit, or view the PDF on screen and zoom, and because MuseScore uses vector graphics for the score this does scale up without becoming blurry or getting other bad artefacts.

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