New interfaces experience

• Aug 9, 2017 - 08:57

it seems, that the new GUI, modern interface probably meant for touch-devices (also the MuseScore homepage) lost great majority of the translations in Czech language (= it's the same as Moravian language :-D , now only partially available) or should I wait for some development in that case?

Also I am interested in: where to find the item "pages strings" to be able to find it quickly and translate and complete the missing translations, if it is really lost?
And other note, that PDF file generated every day - it would be available again some day in near future too? Or where could I download it from?
The sorting of (sub)pages in Manual's outline - it looks, that the outline levels are lost (?).

The easy switching between the language mutations (homepage, manual): English, German, French ..., how to?

I am interested in it, because I worked on Manual for the last weeks: Basics, Score, Playback, Text etc., and after the first big surprise I expect everything would be OK, at least some day.


Manual: surprisingly the headings (1 level) in PDF file (and table of contents logically too) are in English. And on main page, there was (automatically?) the Basics heading converted from Czech to English. maybe the content of manual (Installation) was updated too. Hopefully not the parts I was working on. :-)

Page strings: I mean all the content of MuseScore page, but I don't understand the rule for it, when at least something remained in Czech: "Tvořte, hrajte a tiskněte krásné noty World’s most popular notation software" :-)

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