• Jan 18, 2014 - 08:00

The playback is not working. Can anybody help?


More details please
Which version of MuseScore, what OS, which sound font, what output settings, did it ever work, when did it stop, etc....

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Last time you were on Windows 7, so I guess you still are (OS->Operating System).
See and, possibly also, and surely

Does playback fail in general or only for a certain score? Is your computer emitting any sound, e.g. when playing some mp3 file or YouTube video? What have you changed since the last time it worked and today?

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Playback is completely silent for all scores. It still works for the music program I used before I discovered MuseScore (but there are many reasons I don't want to go back to that) and I'm getting sound on YouTube etc. I've tried the links you suggest and even restoring the computer to an earlier period but nothing works.

Help! I can't get playback to work. I'm using MacBook Pro. The metronome feature works (I can hear it) but no notes are played. Any suggestions?

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Are you using 2.0? If you ever previously installed a nihglty or beta build, you will need to revert to factory settings as described in the Handbook - your old settings leftover from the older build are interfering. Actually, do that revert anyhow. If it doesn't fix it, report your setting for Edit / Preferences / General / SoundFonts, and tell us if you see any soundfonts listed in View / Synthesizer.

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Hi, I went back to the factory settings as you suggested. This was the only version of Musescore on this computer, but did it anyhow as you suggested. Still no sound. I'm confused about your next suggestion. If I go to view/synthesizer, all I see are some tabs that say "Fluid, Zurberis,Master Effects,and tuning.

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What you should see below that is a list showing you the currently loaded soundfonts, FluidR3Mono_GM.sf3 being the one that is normally loaded by default and should be after doing a factory reset. If you don't see that, something is wrong with your installation, so you might try simply reinstalling (if you're sure you followed the revert to factory settings installations completely). If this list is still empty after reinstallation, try pressing the Add button and seeing what is listed. Also go to Edit / Preferences and see what folders are listed under Soundfonts.

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