Hang when adding time signature

• Jan 19, 2014 - 19:17
S2 - Critical

The app hangs when adding time signatures to some scores. These are scores with multiple time signatures and measures beyond the location where I'm adding the new time signature.

I'll try to get a reduction that reproduces. In the meantime, see attached sample dump.


MacOS 10.9.1

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hang.txt 78.16 KB


I took a look at the hang and noticed the callout for "repeat". I had some single measure repeat signs in the score after the time signature and, if I remove them, the app does not hang.

So, it seems to hang if there are single measure repeats after the insertion point.

Confirmed. Create score, add a measure repeat symbol to measure 4, try to add a time signature change to measure 2: hang.

I wonder what expected behavior would be? I guess ideally, MuseScore would take the contents of the previous measure and use those as the basis for rewriting the measure containing the measure repeat. I'm sure that's doable.

Meanwhile, a much lamer but simple fix is to just treat this as full measure rest, which is basically how it is represented internally anyhow.