Transpose parts by default

• Jan 25, 2014 - 23:30
Graphical (UI)
S5 - Suggestion

A request: When parts are created from a score that those parts should by default be transposed. I very much appreciate having a button to toggle between concert pitch and transposed, but it's happened twice already that I've hit print on instrumental parts that were in concert pitch. (Presumably because the score that generated them was toggled to concert pitch at the time I extracted those parts?) One of those occurrences ended up costing me rehearsal time.

OK, that was my own fault and I deserved to look like an idiot for being careless. But I can't be the only Musescore user who's ever made that mistake. There's no good reason whatsoever to create untransposed parts for transposing instruments. Is there a way to make Musescore transpose automatically when exporting parts, even if the parent score happens to be toggled to concert pitch at the time of export?


At the very least, can one create an alert to warn people before printing untransposed parts? i.e. One hits Ctrl-P while "Concert Pitch" is engaged and, before the print dialog comes up, a warning pops up and asks whether you want to print without transposition.