Write a cadenza (or whatever it's called)

• Aug 19, 2009 - 02:00

I've been trying to write something like this with grace notes, but no success. Please see attached file.

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It's a little tricky but certainly possible. I changed the actual duration of the measure to match the duration of the cadenza (see measure operations for instructions). I didn't make the notes small because it is a little tedious when you have that many although it is still possible (right click on each note choose Note Properties, and check "small").

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This is something that I've done a bit of, and it is very tedious to do and occasionally redo when Musescore corupts or crashes. It would seem much better to be able to make an entire group of notes small. Also, sometimes it is undesirable to display all the beams. I've seen cases that mini-cadenzas composed of notes which normally would have 2 or 3 beams written out with just a single beam. I suppose invisible and extreem tempo changes could accomplish this also, but it seems there should be an easier way.

An easier way to shrink the note heads is to select the first note of the cadenza, then shift click the last note (highlight the cadenza). Then, in the "inspector" pane, click "Notes" under "*Select*" at the bottom of the window. Then, check "small" under the "Chord" section.

Hope this is helpful!

Cadenzas are a good motivation for implementing the #4976: Grace note entry feature request. Currently it is very tedious to input multiple grace notes. While alternatives like small sized notes with extra measure with hidden barline & different time signatures are a little hacky.

Hey, I'm writing John Mackey's Wine-Dark Sea. How do you copy and paste an entire section of music. Like for instance, in the fast part of the first movement, is all on one piece. I want to transfer the entire section in the unnamed piece to Mackey's piece to reduce a lot of time jotting down notes on the score. How do I do that? Please help, because it cost a lot of time to put down the notes of the fast section of the 2/2, 5/8, 4/4, 11/8 and 9/8. From section E to K on the piece.

Also, how do I add a glissando to the trombone. Like a glissando without a note to start with. Like a rise. How do I do that, to add a glissando without worrying of adding a note for the glissando to start on?

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Copy and paste is done the same as in most other applications: select the region you wish to copy (eg, click the beginning of the region, shift+click the end), then press Ctrl+C to copy, then click where you want to paste, then press Ctrl+V.

Regarding the gliss, what you are actually describing sounds more like a "scoop" or a "bend". These symbols are found toward the end of the Arpeggios and Glissandi palette.

Thanks for the copying and paste but sorry I wasn't specific on the glissando. I want to know how to put a rip on a note without putting on the first note so they can connect. But I didn't see it on the palette, how do I manually set up a rip or how to set a rip without the glissando? Please help me on this.

In addition, how do I add notes for the percussion. Like the drums in the Wine Dark Sea Movement I, I got the note itself but I didn't get any drum sound from the note. How do I do that?

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Be sure to select the Advanced workspace using the control at the bottom of the palette window in order to see the full set of symbols on the palettes. Then you should see the bend symbols at the end of the Arpeggios & Glissandi palette as already explained. There are additional symbols in the Symbols palette (press "Z" to display).

For info on drum notation, see the corresponding section of the Handbook. It explains the process in detail.

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Thank you so much! Now, I'm like half-way done with John Mackey's Harvest: Concerto for Trombone and Wind Ensemble, the Solo Tenor Trombone Part. Longest one, over 500 measures! But I'll post it tonight. Hope you enjoyed the first movement of Kingfishers Catch Fire, really hope you'll enjoy the upcoming Harvest solo part. The full score will be made after posting the solo part, but it will be longer and more exhausting. Days even, yet alone the dynamics and articulations. Hardly anyone posted any Mackey music, so I decide to pull that campaign because he is one of my most favorite composers. My own Concerto for Wind Ensemble is based of his composition style. Wish me luck!

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It may be that people have posted Mackey music, and Mackey has objected. He's known to be very protective of his copyright (he visited my band once, and we were warned in advance to clean up the entire area—you don't even want to let him see a stack of photocopied parts). He has publicly expressed aggravation at the idea of people putting his music into Finale, and he's very much within his rights to report a copyright infringement on MuseScore.com and get it taken down. Just warning you.

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Thanks for the warning. I will be very careful of not to aggravate Mackey. But if it's too risky, I will delete his compositions in my profile. That's why if I put Mackey's, Ticheli's, or Whitacre's music posted, I always give them copyright to show I do not have ownership, I never had, never will. But I will be extremely cautious, thanks for the warning.

P.S., how was John Mackey when he was visiting your band, was he good like personality wise?

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Just so you know, it's still copyright infringement whether or not you acknowledge the creator. He may not come across it, or possibly not mind it, but if you distribute his music without his permission, he has a legal right to shut you down.

I obviously didn't get to see a lot of him in that one hour, but he was pretty cool. Very talkative, very willing to appear in your selfie. Surprisingly small-looking. Also wearing clothing and carrying a tablet that I could never afford, which kind of drives home that he really is a successful composer.

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