using arrow keys: can't shift note pitch up/down after changing note duration

• Feb 1, 2014 - 04:04
Graphical (UI)

Using Musescore 1.2 Revision 5470 on MAC OSX 10.8.5

Repro steps:
1) Select a note placed on the staff, ensure keyboard up/down arrows are able to shift the note's pitch up/down
2) change the duration of the note by hitting one of the numeric keys 1 through 6. (say to change the selected quarter note into an eighth note)
3) try to move the already selected note up/down. It is stuck.

When the note is in the "stuck" state, use a sideways arrow to select either the note before or after. Then go back to the "stuck" note, and you'll now be able to shift the pitch up/down.


Status (old) needs info closed

It's not reproducible in development builds. If someone has a specific score that does still show this problem in a development build, feel free to attach it and re-open this issue.

For a work around, generally you can use the arrow keys to move to another note and back it will work. I'm not able to confirm this right now, but this usually works when a note seems to be inactive.