MuseJazz.mss from 2.x is incompatible with 2.x

• Aug 21, 2017 - 18:38
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Trying to load the style MuseJazz.mss onto some score in MuseScore 2.1 (or any 2.x after 2.0RC, see below) results in an error message "The style file is not compatible with this version of MuseScore."

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Looking into that file's 2nd line reveals: <museScore version="2.04">, which is the file format of some beta version of 2.0 (actually as per it got to be a version that never existed, something between 2.0b2 and 2.0RC), in all released versions of MuseScore 2.x it should be <museScore version="2.06">, like in the attachment

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I'm not sure we should be in the business of shipping this file anyhow. Given the Load Style dialog doesn't display it unless you manually navigate there, and it's easy to generate your own version, I propose we fix this by simply removing the file from the distribution.

That may be the solution for master, but won't for 2.2, which, once released, would install over 2.1 (on Windows at least) and hence not remove that file.

I'm not opposed to continuing to deliver it, but if we do it seems we should provide a way to find it. With soundfonts, we provide a "virtual folder" type of construct so both the preinstalled soundfonts and user-downloaded ones are available. Similarly with templates and with plugins. But not so for styles. Most users will have no clue this file exists unless we do something in the load dialog to show it.

Treu, that is why only now for the first time since 2.0 got released someone noticed the bug. But again this might be something for 3.0, for 2.1 it should be sufficient to just change that 4 into a 6?

Most likely there are new text styles added since this file was created, who knows what other changes might be relevant. If we do continue to ship this, we should just regenerate it by creating a new score from the Jazz Lead Sheet template and then saving the style. Wouldn't hurt for me to take another look at the Jazz templates themselves while we're at it. I'll try to get to that soon.

There are 4 text styles that are not being set to MuseJazz by that file: LH and RH Guitar fingering, Pedal and Hairpin. And this is in sync with the Jazz Lead Sheet template...