Not less Stretching??

• Feb 13, 2014 - 19:18

I selected my whole piece & then clicked on 'add less stretch' but nothing happened. And i am sure it could be squished a little.


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but I went into 'edit general style/ measures' & decreased the spacing & it's pretty decent now.
Then I did set the measures but there were still only 2 when I set it to 3.
You'll have to explain what you mean about the line breaks. I've read that page a couple times & don't see how I could use it to make the measures more paper friendly.

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If you apply less stretch to the entire piece, then it *won't* look any different unless you reduce it by enough to allow MuseScore to fit additional measures per line. That's because MuseScore, like all notation programs and indeed all printed music, stretches lines out to the right margin (eg, the equivalent of right justification in a word processor). So if you're start out with 3 measures on a line, reducing stretch on the whole score does nothing until you reduce it enough to allow 4 measure to fit - might take several notches of reduction.

Reducing stretch will have an immediately obvious effect when applied to a single measure - that measure will shrink, and either that will be enough to allow another measure to fit on the line (not likely), or the other measures on that line will expand correspondingly to fill out the line.

Line breaks work just they do in a word processor. Normally paragraphs keep filling and word wrap automatically but if
I hit Enter
every three words
then it will
force only three
words per line
even if it
could have fit

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