Uncompressed MSCX files get saved as zip-compressed files if the extension is "Mscx".

• Aug 25, 2017 - 20:38

Here's a bug: if you're using unpcompressed MSCX files, and you happen to have one whose file extension is unconventionally capitalised ".Mscx", then it will load correctly. However, when you save the file, it will be saved as a compressed file (the "MSCZ" format) even though its filename still ends in ".Mscx".


Then, when you next go to load the file, there is no error message, but the file displays in MuseScore as a blank page, which is somewhat terrifying. The fix is to rename the file to end in ".mscz", so that it will load correctly, and then re-save it as ".mscx" (if that's your preferred file format).

(Marc: of course I'm aware that images don't get handled correctly in MSCX files, but I never use images, and for lots of other reasons I prefer to keep all of my music stored uncompressed.)

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