Minor bug: When you copy ONLY ONE note, the flat turns into a sharp

• Aug 30, 2017 - 10:47
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Surely because your Key, you' re surely in A major for example, so 3 sharps, MuseScore is "respectuous" !!. If you use the Arrows UP or DOWN you will have what you want.

Not sure what you mean by "copy" in this context. In order to understand what is going on, we would need you to post the actual score - not just a picture - and describe step by step what it is you are doing. Normally copy and paste should preserve enharmonic spelling.

OP is correct. If you make a score with no key signature and enter a Gb, copy and paste it into the same measure it will paste as an F#. If you copy an A# it will paste as Bb. This seems like a bug to me.

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OK, I see what is happening here. If you only copy the notehead itself and not the entire chord - that is, you don't use a range selection with the blue rectangle - then only certain note properties are retained. Lots of things aren't, like duration, because that's part of the chord and not the note. On paste, these properties are filled in using the properties of the chord or rest you are pasting onto. So this isn't really meant to be a general purpose way of copying notes, although it does happen to partially work in some respects.

That said, enharmonic spelling probably should be preserved in this case, since it is a note property rather than a chord/rest property. Oddly, I thought I remember working on this not that long ago and would have expected this to work - see #5098: Notes not transposed when copied by notehead. There was a much worse issue involve transposition that I fixed, and I would have thought my fix would have also made this case work. But I see now that my fix actually only applied when pasting one note on top of another note, it didn't apply when pasting on top of a rest, which I guess is what is going on here. When pasting on top of a rest, we calculate the enharmonic spelling basically the same way as if it came from MIDI - guessing based on key signature.

If someone will file an issue with steps to reproduce, this shouldn't be hard to fix.

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Thanks! I added some further comments there. Turns out there is a bit more to this than meets the eye, in terms of determining what the ideal behavior really is - which duration to we choose when pasting onto a note versus a rest, etc - and how to best implement it. It's not a hard problem, but does require some careful consideration.

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