Ties remaining after individual deletion of cross-measured ties

• Sep 2, 2017 - 00:36


[ 1 ] Fill a measure's end with a chord, and then extend it's duration using 'W' to reach into the next measure. As an example, results are given: Selection_001.png

[ 2 ] Delete one of the notes of the chord on the tied chord. Result: Selection_003.png

Notice that the tie remains dangling rather than being removed as a result of the tone deletion. Further,

[ 3 ] Delete the top note automatically selected in this example after the last delete, and the tie is deleted this time. For example: Selection_005.png

It's as if the top note of a chord is the only tone to have the tie removed following this type of activity, at least on this specific example. It seems that normal behavior should remove any tie associated with any tone, even if the chord/note is post tying rather than before it. Update: Even if the top note is deleted first, the tie also dangles

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Yeah, it looks like the actual code related to the 'dangling' tie with that issue would the same.
So being across measures doesn't seem to be an underlying factor, nor the formation via the double duration 'W' function. I would have expected Jojo to be the one to link to an existing thread! Thanks for the check, guys. Looks like it's been an ongoing but subtle error for a little while.

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