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• Mar 6, 2014 - 23:23

First of all, I am new to MuseScore.

I just created a simple score for bass voice, saved it, and then clicked to start the playback of the notes, but no sound. As far as I can tell there is no issue on my end relative to speakers and computer. I just feel that I am missing something totally simple with this. Is the only way to playback the notes to save the score as a midi or wav file?

MuseScore v1.3
OS X 10.9 Mavericks


After reading a couple of other posts, I tried the "revert to factory settings" option and that seemed to do the trick.

A few days ago I opened MuseScore to work on an earlier saved score. I tried everything I could, but no sound could be produced. My speakers are fine, and volume settings OK. Re-installing made no difference.
I thought the Factory Settings approach mentioned seemed a good option. Having opened all the Musescore folders, "bin" firstly, I can find no trace of an "exe" file and am now totally stumped.
Anybody help?

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Thanks, ChurchOrganist.
You were right in part. For some reason the exe extension had fallen off . After restoring this, I attempted the "Revert to Factory Settings" procedure described in one of the links above. All went well until I added the " -F" to the musescore filename in the Run box, at which point I got the message "Windows cannot find '-F'.
These things always make one feel so stupid - which I wouldn't mind if I could get a result. No such luck, though.

Success! Thank you.
Spelling out nitty-gritty difficulties may just be another indicator of my own limitations, but it may just help others if I report that the " -F" - without the quotes - was not accepted as a straightforward add-on. For it to become accepted I had to type the complete location into a blank "run" box ie from "C:|....." through to mscore.exe" before adding the " -F" .
I thought I had lost MuseScore for good. Thanks again.

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