Ties and slurs not working

• Mar 11, 2014 - 01:29

It appears that I cannot insert ties or slurs into my piece on every note, most often on sixteenth notes and grace notes. Neither pressing the tie button nor hitting + seems to work. I have uninstalled and re-installed Musescore, yet the problem still persists. I have attached the music I have been working on. Problems occur on the first measure of the cello line and subsequently on measures 33-38 on the 1st violin line. I am unsure if this is intended or if I am somehow doing something wrong. The system used to work fine with all notes, but for some reason something has changed. HELP PLEASE.

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Not sure if there is also a place where you having trouble with slurs, but in the places you mention, it's ties. And they *are* present - they are just tiny. MuseScore doesn't allocate enough space by default for ties between sixteenth notes. Zoom way in and you'll see them - at least for the sixteenths in bars 33-38. This will be fixed in the next version. Meanwhile, to make them more visible, you can either double click them to edit them, or double click the notes themselves and use the arrow keys to move them further apart, or just put fewer measures on these lines, so notes naturally spread further apart.

In the first measure of the cello part, I'm not sure what happened. I suspect you accidentally dragged the tie offscreen, but it's definitely there at some level - arrow one of the notes up and the others follow. Easiest way to get it back is probably delete the first note, re-add it, then re-add the tie.

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