Watermark doesn't appear

• Mar 11, 2014 - 11:17

Hi there,

I just created a png file which includes a watermark and copyright info. I attached this png file under settings as a background for my notation.
It looks pretty nice when I edit notes etc (1st Screenshot).

When I save the notes as pdf or as png file to send it to other people the watermark and the copyright info don't appear.

How can I put in a watermark which will appear on the final pdf?

Thanks in advance!

1st: it should look like this on the final pdf too
2nd: I put in the background watermark here


The background settings is just for screen display. If you want an image to appear in the score, you need to add it to the score itself - drag and drop works. I guess it may need to be created with appropriate transparency, and I'm not sure that it will work even then, but in any case, that's how you'd have to do it to do it within MuseScore. The alternative is add the watermark afterwards in PDF-editing software.

All I see (in addition to the two lines of music) is what looks like a copyright with some text cut off at the bottom.
If this is what you mean, and since it is a different shade of color, you can go to menu item: Style / Edit Text Style / Copyright - click on the 'Color' box, then move the slider (on the right) from black to a lighter shade of gray.
Save and reload the score.


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