When reopening file chords on every other bar disappear

• Mar 13, 2014 - 15:00

I have created a lead sheet with just chords on top, save, close, then reopen file and every other bar has a missing chord. Is this a bug?

Using WIN7, latest version of musescore


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i'm not understanding what you are saying but there's only 1 chord per bar written on the half rest where it needs to be played

i entered another rest and placed a chord above it but the same happened. it's definitely a bug

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I don't know how to open that video file - maybe use something like screenr.com?

You problem is that you have specified an invalid chord description file in Style / Edit General Style / Chordnames. chords.xml is not a chord description file - it's used for *parsing*, not *rendering*, the chords. You need to specify a legitimate file as shown in Chord name . Change to one of those and all the chord symbols you tried to add will reappear.

The reason some chord symbols despite the invalid chord description file is that these are not actually recognized as chord symbols at all - they are rendering as plain text. Meaning they won't transpose, won't render flats or sharps, won't response to chord name style changes, etc. You can't use parentheses in chord symbols except where they are expected, and by default, you need to use "m", not "-", for minor chords (see Chord name also for info on whichchord descriptions files use which abbreviations).

Examining the MSCX file within the MSCZ archive, I can see there are indeed a whole slew of chords attached to bar 2 that aren't displaying because of the invalid chord description file. I think the best think to do is delete all chords - right click one, select all similar, delete - and start over, after first selecting a valid chord description file.

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