Slur position changes vertical position after closing and re-opening a score if using multi measure rests

• Sep 11, 2017 - 13:50
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S3 - Major

If using multi measure rests, after combining notes after a multi measure rest with a slure, save the score, quit mscore and reopen it with the past score, then the slur position moves down vertically. I think this wrong position depends on the number of rests in the preceding multi measure rest.

The described effect disappears if switching off the usage of multi measure rests, or if the notes combined by a slur appear before the first multi measure rest.


Status (old) active needs info
Status active needs info

I can reproduce an issue involving slurs and MM rests (slurs layout eg), but needed to know from the user (by providing precise steps) if it's the same scenario/issue, or another.

Status (old) needs info active
Status needs info active

One scenario (with b92a6e0)
1) Some measures containing slurs combinated to other empty measures (for multimeasure rests later)
pic slur.jpg
2) Press "M"
3) Save/Close/Reload, ie this test file: test slurs MM.mscz
Result: Several slurs are gone, before and after the multimeasure rests (when there is a change of layout, that we move to another system?)
slurs lost.jpg

  • Another one:
    1) Open this file: second test.mscz
    You observe all is correct
    2) Select all the system breaks and delete them
    Result: bad, here too, slurs are gone at the junction of two systems
    slurs lost1.jpg
    3) Save/Close/Reload
    Result: other thing, but incorrect too
    slurs lost2.jpg