Dynamics and Notes Below Tuba D

• Apr 7, 2014 - 02:53

I am seeing a problem maybe in the soundfont or maybe in the program or maybe in the way I wrote it, but all dynamics are not being played and all Tuba notes from D and down are very choppy (I dont know exactly how to describe it) Anyways you can hear the dynamics in the MID file and see it in the PDF Below. Unfortunately I can't add a mp3 or WAV file so you can't hear the tuba choppyness well... I'm using the nightly version R.8917b06 if that helps!
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Instead of just a picture of your score (PDF), we'd need the score itself to investigate. Also, in the future, for discussion of the experimental nightly builds, it is better to use the Technology Preview forum.

The "choppiness" you refer to may be a known issue with one of the libraries MuseScore uses; the problem goes away if you switch to a different soundfont - even just the SF2 version of the default soundfont FluidR3.

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It looks like at some point you set the Velocity parameters of most of your notes to 80. This overrides the dynamic markings. It also appears you redefined some of the dynamic markings (eg, the "mf" markings in bars 9-10) to have no effect are set to "0" value. You can see all this using the Inspector.

It's possible the dynamic markings being set to 0 value is the result of the score originally being created with an older incompatible nightly build. It's also possible it's a result of you having customized your palette at one point and now you will need to reset them. If you drag a new "mf" from the palette to your score and it still shows in the Inspector as 0 rather than 80, then you probably need to delete your old palette files.

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I did not change the dynamic settings at all... I actually have no idea how to or what to do when I figured it out. The only thing I did was import the score from MuseScore 1.3 without dynamics and then add them. I am however also seeing this in the older version MuseScore 1.3 when I do playback now that I have edited dynamics and it can be heard here : http://musescore.com/user/77289/scores/176593 it might just have something to do with the older version but I assure you that I did not change the dynamic settings and the dynamics were input throughout my nightly build. Thanks for taking the time to fix the problem and I hope that the new version comes out soon

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Did you create the score from scratch yourself in 1.3, or did it start life by being imported from MusicXML or another format?

Anyhow, I can't say how the score got the way it is - I'd note the manual velocity settings could have come from import, could have been made by a plugin like the crescendo playback plugin, and as I mentioned, the incorrect setting for the mf dynamic could just be the result of the dynamics having been added in an older incompatible nightly build.

All I can say is that given the score as you posted it, 2.0 seems to be doing exactly what it supposed to. The score contains manual velocity settings and MuseScore is honoring them. The score contains 0-value "mf" markings, and MuseScore is honoring them. If I drag new "mf" markings from the palette to the score, they work correctly.

So as far as I can tell, there is nothing to fix.

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