MuseScore Crashes when creating an album

• Sep 22, 2017 - 08:46

Trying to make an album, joining the parts crash MuseScore. The file responsible for the crash is not corrupted since i can open it separately and it looks just fine. I know it is the problematic one since joining the other six gave no problem at all. Also, the 7 parts of the album has the same orchestration (solo instrument).
Tried this both on 2.0.3 and 2.1 with no different results: on both versions there is a crash.
Im attaching the file that might be corrupted - Thank you all in advance,

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Prelude6B.mscz 49.78 KB


So all the scores are vilononcello only (and only one staff)? Could it be that the clef changes (between bass and tenor clef) are causing the issue?
Can you share one of the other score, so we can see and investigate the crash?

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Thank Jojo, Yes, all the scores are violoncello solo and one staff.
Im not sure about the clefs, it does change in the middle few times but starts and finish on bass clef. The second movement is starting in Tenor - Tried to change it to bass, no change in the result.
I attach the second section - it suppose to come after the attachment i sent earlier.
Many thanks

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Allemande6B.mscz 43.43 KB

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No problem in joining those in the opposite order, but indeed crashes in the intended order.

Trying to reproduce in the current development version doesn't work at all, just selecting the Album menu causes a crash already. And I don't have a 2.x debug build available to check there...

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"According to my findings, after changing the stem direction of the first note (in an upbeat measure) back to its natural position (downwards) the crash disappeared and problem resolved."

Can you demonstrate this on your attached scores, and from scratch (ie with new scores) step by step)?
I changed the stem direction of the first note of your second file. Result: same crash: Allemande6C.mscz
BTW, by deleting all the content of your score (Del), and by inserting a new first measure with a whole note (no stem) and with the same custom text style: same crash always: Allemande Empty.mscz

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