Musescore Slur Playback

• Oct 1, 2017 - 00:29

So if you do everything correctly that the handbook guide on slurs tells you to do, and playback your score with the slur, it will not slur it for you. Why is that? Why can't we preview our music they way we want to?


Playback is low priority for MuseScore. Slurs are one of the things that do not play correctly :( It is not out of the question that Slurs will play properly (or at least better) in version 3 when it eventually comes out. I don't test version 3, so I'm not sure.

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The MuseScore program is ALWAYS free. It is open source, which means no one has permission to charge you to use it. It also means that if you have the skills, you can download the source and alter it to make it work the way you want. The people who started MuseScore would prefer that you contribute your efforts to the open source project so others can benefit from your work.

Before someone says they saw it for sale, it is allowed to put it on something like a CD-ROM and sold as long as the source code is included on it or made available directly from the CD-ROM maker.

MuseScore is first of all a music notation software. The goal is to make it the easiest notation software for anyone in the world to use for this purpose. Volunteers have translated it into over 100 languages and accessibility options are continually being added to allow the disabled to use it also. Version 2 was considered "complete" when it was released. It is FAAAARRRR better than version 1 was. When version 3 is release it is hoped that it will be fully tested by the volunteers who test it on a nightly basis and will be FAAAARRRR better than version 2 is with no bugs.

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The apps do indeed provide playback just like the desktop program does, but it is not their primary purpose.
The primary purpose remains creating, viewing, and printing notation. The playback exists to help you check your work and hopefully get some enjoyment out of, but it is not the intention to produce a perfect reproduction of every single aspect of your score - just to be able to notate it the way you want, so the human musicians you eventually give the score to can play it the way you like.

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