Modulation wheel marking?

• Oct 1, 2017 - 20:49

I don't even know if this exists. And thanks for anyone who reads all this....
On my stage keyboard I have two wheels on the left hand side. A pitch bend wheel and a modulation wheel.
The modulation wheels default is all the way at the 'bottom'. (It is not spring loaded like the pitch bend wheel)
If I push the modulation wheel to the top. It stays there, it does not snap back into place like the pitch bend wheel.
And the notes all quaver back and forth with a middle eastern sound.
Is there a marking for this in Musescore, or in music in general?
I created a song with a middle eastern beat. And sometimes I like to move the modulation wheel to the top, to get that crazy 'modulation' effect with a single note.
Thanks for any help.


The mod wheel can usually be assigned to a variety of different effects. So to notate it, you'd want to add text explaining which effect you are looking for and how much you want. Sounds like your keyboard is defaulting to adding "vibrato" or maybe "chorus".

So far as I know there is no formal music notation for this. A simple text notation (staff text) might be the most appropriate way to express your intention. Also, you might wish to describe what sound-effect you want, not how to get it on a particular piece of equipment. Add textual comments to the score explaining what you mean.

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