Bravura Repeat Bar Dots Print Offest

• Oct 2, 2017 - 21:36

Repeat bar dots for the Bravura font display correctly on screen but are offset when printing.

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Seems you must have an incompatible version of Bravura installed (you shouldn't have it installed at all). Either that or perhaps you tried an unsupported third party PDF printing utility? If you can verify you don't have Bravura instaled and that you are using the supported built-in PDF export facility (File / Export), can you say which version of MuseScore and which OS? Works fine for me with MuseScore 2.1on Windows 10 with no Bravura installed (so MuseScore uses its own internal version) and PDF generated by File / Export.

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What MuseScore bundles isn't customized at all, but it might be a different version of the font than what Dorico provides. Steinberg is the developer of both Bravura and Dorico, so I could believe they are including a newer version than what we are using, and that might be an incompatible change they've made. Unfortunate if so; basic things like this really shouldn't be changing at this point.

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"...its own internal version..."

could be construed to mean something other than what you describe above.

So if I understand you correctly, MuseScore does not install fonts on one'e computer but generates them from the program itself .... and because I have Dorico installed on my PC (which comes with the Bravura font), MuseScore is using the Bravura font I have installed on my PC instead of generating it internally as it is supposed to?

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Actually, I noticed this problem crop up in the early versions of Dorico because the repeat dots did change slightly. If MuseScore is calibrated to a version of Bravura that was also used during the early days of Dorico, but responds to installations of Bravura, then newer versions of Bravura will show that offset in the repeat dots. I’m pretty sure that part of Bravura won’t be changing anytime soon (if ever again), so I’d recommend either updating the embedded font data for Bravura or clamp down MuseScore’s search range so it doesn’t know about system-installed music fonts.

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The basic design choices in Bravura should have been set in stone long before the release of Dorico - we had long passed the version 1.0 milestone that in theory would have frozen out incompatible changes. So I think more investigation is warranted here as to what the change actually was and when / why it happened.

Anyhow, for internal development purposes it is often useful that MuseScore will choose installed fonts over the built in ones, but yes, I do think we should be revisiting how all this works - including the whole idea of building in fonts in the first place, and the possibility of supporting more third party fonts some day.

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More or less, yes. Technically, we don't "generate" fonts internally - they are "compiled in" to the application. At least on Windows and Linux; macOS is different I understand. For better or for worse, we don't ship and install fonts as part of our distribution, we include them within the application itself. But if you do have one of "our" fonts installed on your system, it takes precedence. Hasn't been much of an issue because "our" fonts really were ours. Bravura is kind of the new element here. In theory, changes to Bravura should be backwards compatible, so newer versions of the font don't break existing applications. Apparently Steinberg changed something in an incompatible way, though. Not sure if that was knowingly / intentional or not.

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