Anyone good at transcribing piano pieces here?

• Oct 2, 2017 - 21:40

I myself am not a very good transcriber or composer, there is this short not overly complex music piece I tried to transcribe but I am not able to.
Here is the piece in mind

it goes to around 1:22 that is when it stops
any help would be appreciated to get this into a musescore file or midi, even tips and tricks to how to best go about doing it myself, Thanks


I'm not a great transcriber but when I transcribe I use a few ways to slowly notate things. First, of course, search around for a little while on any scores, PDFs, etc. about the work that you can use to get a transcription. You might even find an actual full score. If not, find a way to slow the playback of the audio (Youtube usually has this on the video) so you can make out notes and transcribe them onto MuseScore. I haven't watched the video but if there is a video of the pianist playing the piece, then you could possible use the played keys as a way to get the notes from the piece onto paper. Keep in mind not to upload or distribute this publicly if the work is copyrighted. Good luck!

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