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• May 3, 2014 - 16:54

WinXP: ver1.3
I have been battling this program for 5 mths (on and off) trying to orchestrate one mov't. I have lost 8-10 hours of work in the past, but learned a lesson and re-did the work. I work in two files. 1 is the large complete file, 1c is the smaller working file. After about 40 meas. the program slows to a crawl. (in 1 entering a note takes 6-8 sec. sounding before it finally releases and shows on the page, try a meas. of 16ths for fun) I divided the mov't into 3rds, 1c is the last section. I was into the last 40 meas, finally seeing the finish. I copy into file 1 from file 1c when things begin to slow. I had been copying a few pages from 1c to 1. I had just saved some changes in 1c when the program needed to suddenly close.(not unusual) I let it close and waited. When I restarted it knew it had closed suddenly and asked if I wanted to start where it closed.(Nice Feature) I chose yes and both programs were back on the screen.(1c on the left 1 on the right) The asterisk was gone from 1c so it showed it was saved. I closed 1c with the x. File1 was there. As I was moving to save file1a box opened asking if I would like to save the program before I quit. I know the sneaky things this program does, yet I still fell for it, it was just a simple save process. I remember thinking the program was reading my mind. I pressed save. Instantly, I knew something bad had happened. My file 1 was gone from the page--a blank screen. When I checked 'recent open' there was file1. When I opened it, the program had saved 1c in its stead. No more file 1 data to be found. 80 plus hours work gone. Any Help, Please. If you do... no broad statements.(Do this..Change that) I want specific steps(Choose ?..Click on ? Drop down to ? Click ?) I want to know you' Know' how this program works, not' Assume' how it should work. If you need to think I just need hand-holding...fine with me. I have 3 pages of errors, problems, Why this, What for that, and musical misses that I have collected. Start with program open and blank page. Here's hoping.


First, read Jojo's link above. It might suffice.

If that does not work, read the second part of the following link for another backup location:

Note: for Windows XP, using Explorer, you must go to menu item: Tools / Folder Options / View
then under 'Advanced settings' select 'Show hidden files and folders' in order to see
C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\MusE\MuseScore
which is the folder referenced in the link.

There you will notice auto generated names (i.e. not real score titles) ending with .mscz
Open each in MuseScore to possibly find a good backup.


Much thanks to both who responded to my post. To Jojo, I had seen the handbook and it was no help. To Jm6, it was nice to have specific instructions for the hidden files. Wish I had found those in the local handbook. From your comment, "hope you find something" I do not think you held out much hope. You were correct. Nothing in the hidden files. Thanks again to you both. I am very grateful. I am going to try one more post and see if anyone actually knows how this program works.

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"nothing" in those files? That shouldn't be the case - those should be the autosaved versions of all scores you have been working on. Maybe you mean they were just not the right scores, or were from too early a time to be of use?

BTW, please refrain from insulting those who are trying to help.

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I have been following the other thread concerning your dilemma and wonder if your inability to rename/open '.mscz,' backup files could be more of a Windows issue, especially since you were unaware of the 'hidden files' location as explained above in my previous post.

To continue:
MuseScore comes with a bunch of demo scores. In Windows XP, they are located (on the drive where MuseScore is installed - most likely your C: drive) in Program Files / MuseScore / demos .

Those demos have several different file extensions. For instance, 'promenade' has a '.mscx' extension. 'Reunion' has a '.mscz' extension.

Here's the question:
When you browse to this folder, (instead of messing with your important backups) do the file names themselves look like my attached image (from Windows XP) or are they displayed without the extensions?


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Thanks JM6Stringer

Your posts have been most helpful. I figured out the same thing. The file though was never in the hidden files, as I tried to convey. There were no files there more recent than 3 weeks before this happening. So I am just going to live with what I have and deal with the mess. I am tired of the attitude of some. I still plan a final post to all. I saw your thoughtful comment and just wanted to say thanks, again.

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You haven't said if you have tried following the advice given above and elsewhere, which is to go to
C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\MusE\MuseScore and try the files there. These are the auto save versions created every two minutes while using MuseScore. It still seems quite possible your work will be found in this folder.

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