How do I create a legend?

• May 10, 2014 - 10:20


I'm about to write a simple piece for kids,
percussion and voice, mainly.

For e.g. percusssion, how do I create a legend that says what the note means?
Like "this note" means foot-stamp; "this" is Cajun bass-hit


Depends on how you want it to look. Text is created by selecting a note and pressing Ctrl+T. Is there more to what you are asking than this? If you perhaps want a separate staff floating outside the usual rows of staves - like in small print in the footer - that would have to be done by creating the legend as a separate score, saving it as PNG, then dragging the PNG file onto your score. The nice thing is, once you've done that, you can re-use the same legend as often as you like.

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