Melisma bug : line drawn in reverse

• Oct 7, 2017 - 08:57

I have come across a specific scenario where the melisma line, instead of being drawn forwards, is drawn backwards away from its destination point.
The problem seems to manifest when there is a second voice note which extends just beyond the lyric anchor note, but not beyond the note to which it is tied.

Here is a screen shot :

I have also included the mscx file which demonstrates the problem.

Is this a known problem ?

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Not known to me, and I should have be seeing this a lot, as I'm doing lots of closed SATB scores.
But I see that it is a problem here, please report in the issue tracker

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Yes, the file reproduces the error.
Here are the steps taken :
1. Enter the first voice notes
2. Enter the second voice note
3. Select the first note in the first voice
4. Enter the text as seen, using the underscore for the last word / syllable
5. Exit from lyric entry

Further from this, if you then select the note in the second voice and
1. Remove the dot, the melisma is drawn correctly
2. Change it to a minim - the melisma is drawn correctly
3. Change it to a quaver - the melisma is drawn correctly
4. Put the dot back onto a quaver - the error reappears

Hope this helps

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Delete both syllables
select the 1st voice 1 notes
"Has", space, "error", underscore, underscore

The 2nd underscore is what triggers the backwards line (and is used to take you to the next note)

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"The 2nd underscore is what triggers the backwards line"
Yes, and with necessary conditions, ie:
- Dotted notes first beat in the two voices. If the second voice is not dotted: no issue
- And second voice in a higher value: otherwise no issue
(there is others, eg the third note, the B, must be in a higher value that the first A)
NB: the tied note is unrelated

With these conditions, and in Edit mode, reproducible too:
1) Load this file: test file.mscz
2) First measure: double-click on "lyric" (no matter where is the cursor): press underscore twice
Result, as in measure 3

In measure 5, I added an underscore:
1) double-click on "lyric" and put the cursor before the underscore
2) press underscore twice
Same result

In this second scenario, I maybe suspect a mistake in the operation (an attempt to extend the underscore? Which leads to fail in this particular case - two voices, dotted notes, certain note values, etc. )

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