Simile mark in lyrics

• May 15, 2014 - 22:02

Is there a way to add a simile mark to lyrics, or as stave text? It's typically used, e.g. in hymn tunes, to denote the repetition of a line in the lyrics. (I think Sibelius, for instance, converts % to the simile mark in lyrics).

I've looked through the documentation and forum and haven't managed to find an answer. I will be extremely grateful if anyone can help!

UPDATE: I'm running MuseScore 1.3 on Windows 7


I'm not understanding. Yes, you can create staff text or lyrcs and put the word "simile" there. Is there something else you want? I'm not aware of any standard symbol that means simile - I always just see the word itself, or the abbreviation "sim."

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