Jazz Lead Sheet with no rests?

• May 19, 2014 - 19:09

Can you create a jazz lead sheet with no rests in each measure, so it's just a chord chart with lyrics and kicks if you want to put them in?

Slashes (strum pattern) would be Ok (not ideal) but I've done the following steps and can't finish. I'm on a mac. I can't find where "Note Properties" is located so I can't make stemless slash marks. Have watched the video on this but macs appear differently.

Select one, or more notes.
From the Note Heads palette, double-click on the "half slash head".
Select the notes again.
Right-click one of the selected note heads.
Note Properties....
Tick "stemless".



I'll answer your questions in order, but actually, the last item is what you really want

- If you want to hide all rests, just right click one of them (right click for the rest of the world = Ctrl+click for Mac), click "Select / All similar elements", then right click (Ctrl+click) one again and select "Set invisible" from the popup menu.

- To access Note Properties, I'm guessing you are missing the magic step of mentally replacing "right click" with Ctrl+click. If you do this, a popup menu appears. That's where "Note Properties" is.

- A much easier way to create slash notation is to use the plugin that was created specifically for this purpose. See Plugins in menu at right of this page. This allows to create kicks (rhythmic notation) as well as just plain slashes. There should never be a need to write stuff in by hand.

- For more info on creating leadsheets - including on how to use the slash plugin - see my tutorials at http://musescore.org/en/node/11723 and http://musescore.org/en/node/11726.

This all assumes you are using an actual released and recent (within past couple of years) version of MuseScore, as opposed to something older or an experimental nightly nightly development build.


Thanks so much. I've downloaded the plugins you recommended. How do I get them into Musescore. Dropping them into the Musescore file in applications doesn't work. Thanks

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Thanks. I followed the instructions. The plugins are in the musescore app. They show up where the other plugins are listed, in the muse core contents resources plugins place, but when I create a new score and click on Plugins they do not show up. There are just the original plugins. I've downloaded three plugsin and none of them show up on the menu

Thank you - I feel I am getting close and it will be great to make this work.

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All MuseScore uses the standard WIndows/MacOS/Linux shortcuts for the most part. Click one thing, shift click something else is pretty much the universal way to select a range in any program on any system. Or select one thing, Shift+Right to extend the selection note by note, Shift+End to extend to end of line, Shift+Ctrl+End to extend to end of score, etc.

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The shift+right key works to select note by note. But on my imac OSX version 10.8.5 there is no end key. I've googled end key mac and seems to be a mac related thing. Solutions are suggested but I can't make one work to select a succession of measures in musescore. The shift right will work, just takes awhile. Thank you

I'm loving this program.

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