blank measure without rests

• Oct 20, 2017 - 05:45

I would like to create an assignment for my students where they name notes and then where they have to draw the named notes. Is it possible to have blank measures that are just the staff and bar lines, no rests? How?


Set the rests invisible:

Right click on a rest -> Select... -> All Similar Elements -> uncheck the 'Visible' checkbox in the Inspector (or, as a shortcut, type the letter 'V').
The rests will turn gray - which means they won't print.

To hide the gray rests on your computer screen, use menu item: View, then uncheck 'Show Invisible'.


Right-click one rest, select all similar, then in Inspector mark them invisible.
They will appear grey in MuseScore, but won't show at all in a printout

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Is it possible to have truly blank bars - without rests or notes - either hidden or shown?

I'd prefer not to have to hide elements if possible. In the case of an exercise - for example shown on a piano - the top line might have the notes filled in, but the bottom line may have whole note rests.

As noted, they can be made invisible, but is it possible to just not have them at all?

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