Split staff for only a few measures?

• Oct 27, 2017 - 16:14

I'm transcribing Viktor Kosenko's 11 Etudes for Openscore, and I have a question. The last line on the third page has a split bass clef (see attached PDF). I tried the "Split Staff" option after right-clicking the measure, but that adds a split staff to the entire piece, I only want it for the measures shown in the original. Is there a way to do this?


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Hm, I'm running into trouble though because not all the notes are in voice 1. It says if that's the case to use the selection filter to cut and paste parts. I know how to do that, but then I still have the problem of the extra staff running through the entire piece instead of just those 4 measures (see attached).

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Press "I" to open instruments and add a staff to the piano. Insert the notes on the third staff then go to the Style->General... menu check hide empty staves and uncheck don't hide empty staves in first system. I didn't look through the entire score, so if there is another section with the third staff, you will need to temporarily unhide empty staves to add more notes. You may also need to adjust line breaks to make sure these four measures end up on the same system.

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